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Hope For The Caregiver / The Delta Doctrine


One of the big things I have learned about being a caregiver is the Delta Doctrine.

I was flying out of Atlanta with Delta Airlines when the flight attended said, in case of emergency, to make sure you put on your mask before you help anyone else.  I thought, they did not tell me how to open the bag of pretzels or how to use the toilet on the airplane, but they tell us every single time to put our mask on first.

Why? Because they know it is counter intuitive.

When we see somebody that is in jeopardy we will rush to them without thinking of ourselves. Everyone says put your mask on first.

What does that look like for a caregiver?

Please remember that you cannot hold your breath long enough to take care of somebody in the long chronic care giving world.

I came up with something very simple, the Delta Doctrine - put your mask on first.

Remember W.W.W: wait, water, walk. 

Wait: Don't let it get crazy, just wait, do not open your mouth and speak into a situation. Sometimes you can just let them go by.

Water: Drink some water, cool off, fill your mouth up with something besides words, fill your mouth with water.  

Walk: Take a walk for five minutes and bleed off some of that stress. 

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