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How to be an Atheist

Atheists talk a lot about the importance of skepticism. But the truth is, they're not nearly skeptical enough.

While atheists champion the importance of a critical stance toward religion, they often fail to take that same stance toward their own beliefs. This double standard results in grandiose claims about the certainty of their unbelief—which is logically inconsistent at best and intellectually dishonest at worst. Turning atheists' skepticism around on their own naturalist worldview, philosopher Mitch Stokes critically examines two things that such skeptics hold dear—science and morality—and reveals deep inconsistencies among their most cherished beliefs, inconsistencies that threaten to undo atheism itself. Mitch shares from his new book, "How to Be an Atheist"

Atheists tend to have a double standard when it comes to how critical they are about other worldviews. They are critical when it comes to a Christian worldview but not so much when it comes to their own.

People like Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and Daniel Dennett sound so confident. You would think reading their books and the tone of their books that it is a slam dunk that Christianity is false and Atheism is true. Mitch was fascinated and discouraged by that confidence. Especially as he started studying the arguments they had. People need to see that it is not the case.

An example of a double standard in what they believe would be that,

Science is showing that God doesn't exist.

Focusing on Cosmology and where the universe came from. Atheist physicists would say you don't need God to account for the universe, it just came into being. They would say that Science tells us it came into being without God. But does it really?

Science tells us many wonderful things about Creation. We shouldn't disregard what Science says. What are the fundamental components of the Universe? Where did the Universe come from?

We are facing a major revolution in Physics where some of the old Physics has to go because it's not quite right. They are looking for new theories. Such as string theory, the idea of multiple universes.

A lot of atheists who like Science are not tenative. They think Science has shown something that it hasn't.

There seems to be a separation between Science and Faith. You can't be a person of Science and Faith.

Historically we know that is not true because a lot of faith drove Scientists to go forward.

Newton and Galileo were Christians and their Christian worldview and the way they viewed God as Creator and sustainer of the Universe drove their Science. 

Modern Science actually got its start because of this Christian worldview.

A lot of new Atheists say the Universe looks like it was designed, but it actually wasn't. That there is only an illusion of design. Atheists say that as you look at DNA or biological organisms you have to remind yourself that it is not designed. 

Mitch says that if you are going to be an Atheist use the same principles that led you to Atheism and use them on Atheism. Be skeptical but make sure you are skeptical all around. Atheism won't look like you think it does. Especially in the realm of morality.

In the realm of morality. One of the things that's really prevalent in the writings of people like Richard Dawkins is that they are angry. They are angry at the immorality of Christians imposing their worldview.They have high moral standards. There is a lot of indignation. That rests on there being a moral code. If Atheism is true there isn't this moral standard that you can use to measure whether somethings right or wrong. Atheists need to be straight up and confront that.

Atheists that are intellectually tough and hard nosed often become soft when it comes to morality, when they need to embrace their worldview.

Atheism, Natural Selection, and Evolut0ion doesn't provide a strong case of where we get our morality from. You need person to person realtionship for any sort of laws. This Universe has to be ultimately relational with a person... and that person is God.

Don't give up your intellect but use it consistently and weigh both options.

There are reasons that might be good ones for Atheism.  But when you look at everything in balance, you will see the evidence by far on the side of there being a God.

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