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I am Second - RA Dickey

Summer is almost here and the baseball season is warming up fast! If you live in Toronto (or anywhere in Canada) chances are, you are quite pleased with how the Toronto Blue Jays are playing this year! They are currently leading the American League East Division (to date), 5.5 games in front of the tied second place Baltimore Orioles and New York Yankees, and leading the Major League in the number of home runs.

There are many stories behind this team and its players. This is one of them - RA Dickey, #43, one of the starting pitchers of the Toronto Blue Jays.

R.A. Dickey debuted his knuckleball by breaking one of baseball's worst pitching records, giving up an unbelievable six homeruns in one game. Sent to the minors and faced with the failure of his pitching dream, Dickey decided to end his life. He duct taped a hose to his car's exhaust pipe, connected it to the driver's side window, and placed his hand on the ignition. It was about more than his dream failing. It was about the babysitter who molested him as a child, about the man who raped him, his need for cleansing and purpose in life. He had hoped baseball would give him meaning and a way to escape the pain of his past, but all that seemed impossible now. He couldn't see how R.A. Dickey would one day find healing and redemption and success beyond his wildest dreams.

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- James1:12 NLT
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