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Incredible Islands – Engaging children with the Bible

As a young child I knew all the books of the Bible, (I could still sing them to you if you asked me too!) and I was very devoted when it came to reading my Bible and memorizing scripture. These disciplines were taught to me at home and at church and became a strong foundation in my life.

Fast forward to present day, studies are showing us concerning trends when it comes to Bible reading and Bible engagement, especially with the younger generation. With our increasing busy family schedules and commitments, many options and activities for kids, and a strong media culture - how do we bring this discipline back to the forefront in the lives of children and the family? How can we get our children reengaged with the Bible? How can we partner with parents who are the primary spiritual influencers in the lives of their children?

The Bible Society has created a new resource in their desire to see communities impacted by the word of God, Bible engagement increased and churches equipped to share the truths of the Bible. This newest resource is designed to reach children in a unique way.

Incredible Islands is an online experience that provides a safe and secure environment for children to go deeper into God's word.

 In a fun and highly interactive visual world, children:

  • Experience interactive Bible stories and daily verses, chosen by their pastor or children's ministry director
  • Personalize prayers for themselves and others
  • Earn coins to save, spend and give
  • Play customized educational games and Biblical adventures
  • Create avatars and customize a house and garden
  • Engage with stories that teach on multiple learning levels
  • Experience real-life application via customizable activities so they're able to practice what they have learned

This is a great resource to make the important "church to home" connection.  Children's pastors and leaders can go in each week and select activities and verses that tie into their weekly church teachings. Children can then go home and continue the learning and dig deeper into the Bible at their own pace, with lots of fun adventures along the way. This home connection with families is a key partnership.

The Bible Society is offering free 30-day trials to children's ministry workers, available at

Take a look at this great new resource. Children will love it, parents will appreciate it and leaders will be encouraged knowing that ministry is continuing at home.

Let's do all we can to raise children excited about the Word of God and see the difference in can make in their life.

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