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It's Not Too late for Your Dream

Holley Gerth is a best-selling author and certified life coach. Her newest book "You're Made for a God-Sized Dream" encourages everyone to find that God-Sized dream, regardless of the size, and pursue that purpose God has placed within each person's heart. You can find Holley's book on the crossroads estore.

5 Truths that Set You Free to Dream: "It's Not Too Late for Your Dream"

She stands with a baby on her hip and three others causing chaos in the background. Above the noise she declares, "Well, I once had dreams but now all I've got is diapers. It's too late for me." I've heard retired people, those with chronic illness, and many facing difficult circumstances say the same. Perhaps this is the hardest lie of all. It locks our dreams into a time bomb and once we think it's exploded, it seems there's no picking up the pieces again.

It's true that our original vision may not come to pass. The "happily ever after" we pictured in our minds as little girls may have veered off course. But like I said before, as long as we're alive I believe our dreams are too. God doesn't plant desires within our hearts to let them wither and die. Yes, they may be dormant for a season. And, yes, when they finally push through the ground they may look nothing like what we anticipated - but they're still possible.

I once knew a couple who longed to have children for years but it never came to pass. The desire never went away and in their sixties God called them to be "parents" to many children in a country far away. Now their family is bigger than they ever could have imagined. Like Abraham and Sarah in the Old Testament, the answer to their prayers seemed a long time coming - but it did come. And that wouldn't have been possible unless they kept their hearts open to dreaming.

My Grandpa Hollie (yes, I'm named after him) is ninety years old. Almost every time we're on the phone he tells me of another place he'd like to visit. Then he finds a way to make it happen. He's an example to me that God decides when we're done. It's not up to us to say, "That dream is over. It's just not possible anymore...  With God all things are possible (Matthew 19:26).

God's timing is not like ours. Think about the life of Jesus. He spent 90 percent in private life and only ten percent in public ministry. We would have sent him to seminary, had him do lots of mission trips, signed him up for every committee we could, but God isn't concerned with maximizing time. What He's focused on is obedience. And, friend, it's never too late to obey. You can still say "yes" to what God has for you with all your heart today. It's only too late for our dreams when we decide to write "The End" on our stories and close the book. As an anymous quote my Mom has on her refrigerator reads, "Never place a period where God has placed a comma."

What's one small step you can take toward your dream today? You get extra credit if it's simple and takes less than five minutes to complete. You can start today. Right here and now. Go and live the dream God has for you. 

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