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January's Premium Offer - Agents of the Apocalypse by Dr. David Jeremiah

Below has been taken from the back cover of
The Agents of the Apocalypse

Are we living in the end times? What if the players depicted in the book of Revelation were out in force today? And if they were, would you know how to recognize them?

In Agents of the Apocalypse, noted prophecy expert Dr. David Jeremiah does what no Bible teacher has done before. He explores the book of Revelation through the lens of its major players: the exile, the martyrs, the 144,000, the two witnesses, the dragon, the beast from the earth, the beast from the sea,the Victor, the King and the Judge.

Each chapter opens with a dramatization that brings prophecies to life, followed by Dr. Jeremiah's detailed study called "The Scripture behind the Story," which explores some of Revelations most cryptic passages. He explains how to interpret them and - most important - how they apply to the malevolent forces at play in the world today.

The stage is set, and the curtain is about to rise on earth's final act.

Will you be ready?

This book by best-selling author Dr. David Jeremiah is our thanks to you for your ministry support. Request your copy today when you call 1 800 265 3100. 

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