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Jesus from Nazareth / UNDERSTANDING JESUS

In Nazareth they were expecting a Messiah but Jesus didn't fit the bill. Nazareth was a unique community in that it wasn't always there. It was started by someone with a very specific purpose. People wondered if anything good could come out of Nazareth. Nazareth was a looney town for people because the people who lived there thought the Messiah was coming from there.

Then there is Jesus who comes from questionable origins, questionable beginnings. Mary was an unwed teenage mother. 13 or 14 years old in a culture that would go crazy about that. She could be killed, Joseph could be killed for marrying her because it would taint the word of God.

Third strike against Jesus was that he was a carpenter. He is not studying as a rabbi. He is not in the big schools learning with all the teachers of the day. He is just a guy who goes to work with everybody.

He was claiming to be the Messiah and that was blasphemy. The rumors on how he was born haunted him all of his life. We have no problems with the deed of Jesus but the humanity, the human part of the story. The struggles that He and his family have to endure, the ridicule, the shame, those were real things.

"Understanding Jesus" was made to help people understand Jesus as a person. When you understand him as a person, you get to understand him as a Messiah much better.

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