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Jesus is with the Prodigals

What do you do when your kids are running away from Jesus?

Bible Teacher, Lorie Hartshorn, had never expected all three of her children would run away from Jesus and be entangled in the party scene, drugs and alcohol. Within a span of 7 years, they were running from God, lost in addictions and trapped in bondages. They were even tormented by the choices they were making. It was devastating for Lorie and her husband to see all these events unfolding. It was overwhelming.

They found themselves coming to the end of themselves. Lorie realized that they need to give up their own agendas and surrender themselves as parents. They need to ask Jesus to intervene.

What was happening to their kids was not just the pressures of the world. It was spiritual warfare that was at work in her family. This led her and her husband to pray and seek after God in a different way. 

The dark places in life can actually be a good place because you realize how desperate you are for the power of God. You realized that there is nothing you can do to change the situation or the people. So Lori and her husband called out to the living God, who guarantees that He will go after their kids.

Through these times of deep prayer and intercession, God opened up their eyes to the reality of spiritual warfare - how spiritual forces are working to keep the children away from their true calling. So as a couple, Lorie and her husband took a stand against the plans and schemes of the enemy. It was a spiritual battle and they got real about it. Don't just blame the world or the circumstances for it.

What's really at stake here is the hearts of the children. Moms and Dads need to decide first if they would follow Jesus. As the foundation of the family, the parents need to surrender themselves completely to Him first. When the couple comes to the end of themselves and cry out in full dependence of the Lord, He will step in.

As they prayed together, God started doing a new work in Lorie and her husband. They started trusting God and believing God in a way they didn't believe before. This authenticity was something that the children noticed. 

Check out the exclusive interview where Lorie Hartshorn sits down with her two boys, Curtis and Justin, to talk about how they drifted away from their faith and they journey back to Jesus.

Inviting people into your pain

Rather than keeping it all private and personal, start invite people to pray alongside with you. Opening up about what you are going through really helps to silence the enemy. There is an incredible power when the people of God agree in prayer.

As people started to pray with Lorie and her husband, things began to change. They see little glimpses of Jesus going after their kids. The amazing thing is that when Jesus goes after the kids, they cannot outrun Him!

Jesus knows the deepest and darkest secrets in the hearts of the prodigals. He knows their pain. So as parents, all you can do is pray for Jesus to meet them and go after them. He is with them through all the pain that they are going through. He is the One that will bring them back to Himself. He alone is the One who can change their hearts and transform their lives.

He did that for all 3 of Lorie's children and He will do that for yours too.

Surrender yourself and your children to Him. Cry out to Him. You will be glad that you did.

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