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Jesus Raised the Dead / UNDERSTANDING JESUS

When Jesus walked on earth, he raised the dead. But the reaction of the crowd differed from one situation to the other. Joe Amaral explains in this short teaching.

In the time of Jesus, there were a lot of forerunners to be the messiah. People who came from the right lineage, who were born in the right city, who came from the right family. The rabbis asked how do we know who the messiah actually is?

There were miracles that they had never seen before. Miracles that the rabbis couldn't do, the priests couldn't do. They said when the messiah comes, he would be able to do that only, and then if he does these, we know that he will be the messiah.

There were many times when Jesus raised people from the dead and people were not too shocked or in awe. Why weren't people more excited about the miracles that Jesus had done?

The Jews believed in those times that when a person died, their spirit would leave their body, and every morning for three days it would return to the body. If God so empowered the person, you could call the Spirit into the person and resurrection was possible

There needed to be more to make a point.

Jesus's friend Lazarus dies, and Jesus waits, and waits and the Bible says Jesus waited four days. It is so specific because resurrection is impossible, there is no option, only God, the messiah on Earth can do this thing. He says Lazarus my friend, I want you to come forward, I want you to show these people who I am.

Understanding the beliefs of people at the time of Jesus, weighs heavily into understanding Jesus and His teachings. 

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