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Joe Amaral, Author of “Understanding Jesus”, Shares His Personal Testimony

Joe Amaral was born in a small fishing town in Portugal, the son of poor parents who immigrated to Canada in 1972 in hopes of giving their son a better life.

Joe grew up in a rough neighborhood of Toronto, a place rife with prostitution and gang warfare. As a teenager, it didn't take long for Joe to get heavily into dark forms of spiritualism and he began dabbling in witchcraft and séances as an attempt to experience the supernatural. He also got heavily in the metal music scene, spending every Thursday night glued to the TV watching MuchMusic's "Hour of Power". It was in that surprising place that Joe encountered the power of media through a song by Christian metal band Stryper. Lyrics from the song The Rock That Makes Me Roll hit him one Thursday night: "You don't need drugs to have a good time, you can have God's power in your soul. Let him be the rock that makes you roll".

At that point, Joe was struck with a realization that he had been searching for spiritual fulfillment in all the wrong places. He encountered the Holy Spirit powerfully through the song and immediately decided to give his life to Jesus.

Since then Joe has traveled the world and spent most of his time writing books and seminars to help bring others to Jesus and to help Christians better understand the historical roots of their faith.

One such book, "Understanding Jesus: Cultural Words and Deeds of Christ" is available for purchase in our eStore.

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