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John Hull speaks with Crossroads Newly Appointed CEO Lorna Dueck

Crossroads has a new Chief Executive Officer, in Lorna Dueck.

Lorna's started at 100 Huntley Street in 1994 as a host of 100 Huntley Street. It lead to a Friday edition of 100 Huntley Street called, "Listen Up".  Which grew into, "Context with Lorna Dueck" which was an amazing opportunity to look at news and current events through Gods heart for the world.

She headquartered her ministry and organization "Media Voice Generation" in the CBC building in downtown Toronto. Which we will now see how these 2 great organizations can work together.

David Mainse discovered her love for news and gave her a platform to develop news here which was in its infancy at the time here at Crossroads. It is about finding where the character of God intersects with the issues that are in the headlines. Lorna has the ability to connect news from a Biblical worldview, current events that are pressing and looking at it through the eyes of Jesus.

Lorna says what has kept 100 Huntley Street going is the amazing stories of how people connect with God. She says she is honoured to be a part of what 100 Huntley Street is doing.

Lorna has a commitment to Biblical fidelity, a commitment to the uniqueness of Jesus Christ to transform lives. She has a uniqueness to care for people and the people who work for her.

In the years Lorna has been gone from 100 Huntley Street she has been able to further her education. When it comes to Biblical fidelity Lorna says it is really understanding and learning the centuries of tradition and the centuries of Gods presence on this globe. Every generation has thought the world was ending. Gods faithfulness, Gods truth, Gods people, Gods ways of goodness have always been there reaching out rescuing for people.

A few years ago there was a situation in Ottawa when a shooter went and killed a Canadian soldier in a terrorist act. The team called on Lorna and she quickly assembled a team of people. It resulted in one of our highest rated prime-time shows at that time. That is a dimension she will bring to 100 Huntley Street. She will have the ability to navigate this program as the pulse of the Nation and of the World.

Lorna's passion is that everything we do here at 100 Huntley Street will release the loving kindness of God onto our common paths.

Crossroads is coast to coast. There is power in our prayer lines. Lorna says this country needs a connection and they know 100 Huntley Street can be trusted. 

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