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Kari Jobe Shares About Her Album Majestic

Kari Jobe was nominated for female artist of the year at the 2015 KLOVE Awards. She had been also been nominated for Grammys as well as the Dove Awards over the past few years.

Kari has been doing music since she was a young girl. Her parents were in ministry so all she had ever known was ministry, people and church. But she loved it all. When she was 10 or 11 years old, she was deeply impacted by the presence of God, through music. There is an exchange that happens when we worship and declare who God is - a shift happens in the atmosphere surrounding our lives and it does something to encourage our spirit.

So she knew she wanted to do music and do it in a way where it could be anointed, inviting the presence of God into it so that He could do things through her music. That is something she had always wanted to do since she was a little girl and now she is actually doing it.

Although Kari feels that she has been called to the Christian music industry, she would be open to the idea of mainstream music if God ever opened that door for her. She simply wants to obey God and walk with Him on whatever path it may be.

Her heart simply loves to minister to people through her music. She loves church people and many of them are broken. There are so many people go to church but still don't understand grace and mercy, who still need healing and need to know the message of the Cross.

The whole "Christian celebrity" thing that is hitting this new generation is hard. Kari knows that God has done all this through her. She has written things out of her own pain and her own story. She simply loves to sing that to the Lord and watch what God does in her life.

However, it has become a huge responsibility because people's lives are changing through the music. God is doing things through her music and she loves when people see that side of it. But sometimes, people can become too consumed with the person instead of what God is doing through that person.

Kari did not set out to be famous. She just stepped out to do what is in her heart and it is impacting people's lives. It is a huge honour to be used by God in such a way.

It is a privilege and an honour to be a role model but also a responsibility. She wants to be herself and be true to who she is and faithful to share her story. We all go through hard things and if you keep it to yourself it not going to impact anybody. But if you share what God has done through those things, it can help other people.

About "Majestic"

Being raised in church, Kari had always been passionate about worship and worship leading. So she wanted an album that captures what she does on the road and on a live night of worship. Her newest album, "Majestic" was recorded live. It all turned out really well and Kari can safely say, Majestic is an album that is fully her - not just a studio rendition, but one where she get to invite God's presence into people's lives.

"Someone once told me when you have an encounter with God, and you write a song out of that encounter, every time they hear that song or sing that song, you invite them into that same encounter that you've had…" - Kari Jobe

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