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Lead Guitarist of Korn Brian Welch

Brian Welch was known for years as the lead guitarist of the hit rock group Korn but in 2005 things changed and he left abruptly.

Brian says, "I had this girl before Korn and we were together and somehow we made it through the craziness and I married her in 1998, about 3 years into my career and we had a baby. Life of wanting to be a rock star and party and do the whole music thing, but then I wanted to come home to my wife and my kid. All of them in the band were like that. We wanted it all but we wanted normalcy too.

The drugs and the crazy. You get that big and all the drug dealers in the town want to come to the show and sell you their stuff and all the girls want to come and hang backstage.

I didn't like the touring part of it, getting the notches on my belt, getting the women. I was more about the music, and creating the albums. The touring I didn't like but I fell into it, I fell into the drugs, I fell into that lifestyle. I had everything, Vicodin habit, Cocaine, Speed."

But it was one day while touring with Metallica, one of the biggest bands of the time that Brian found out some disturbing news.

"Worse time of my life was when I was juggling the drugs and everything and me and my wife were messing around with them and the biggest drama happened. She had a bunch of skinheads move into his house when he was on tour with Metallica. I got a friend to go there, he had a break in the tour and he went and grabbed his daughter and became a single dad."

After trying to clean up his life for his daughter, he fell back into the throws of addiction. This time to speed.

"I had a system, I thought I was so smart. I would do speed during the day and then right before the show I would drink 4 beers and take a Xanax, a downer. He was mixing stuff and some of his friends in the music industry were dying from that stuff. I was scared but some of me was hoping I would go to sleep and not wake up because I'm a rich rock star and I have everything, the outside world says I have everything, but inside I'm dead."

But little did Brian know that he would meet some people who would lead him down a path he wasn't expecting.

"I met some Christians, they invited me to church. I thought, who cares, if these Christians are too weird I'll go to a doctor. I remembered Christians didn't drink, cuss, or smoke from when he was a kid. I thought, they don't party, I don't want to party anymore, I'll just go hang out with them. I get there and the pastor starts saying Jesus is real, He'll come into your life if you invite him in and all the negative stuff can't stay. I was listening to him and I decided to try it. I went home with my drugs and I just poured my heart out to God. I told God these drugs are going to kill me and leave my daughter without a dad. Please, if you're real, come into my life, and give me a new life. I just had an encounter with God's love within the next few weeks and I felt like Jesus came in and put His arms around me. I felt like I was at home for the first time. In my heart I felt like I was home. I was instantly in love with God and I gave him my life."

Weeks after having that encounter, Brian left the band he had been with for years to focus on raising his daughter. After releasing a book (Save Me From Myself) and a solo album, and touring around to churches sharing his story, playing with bands like POD, and creating his own band, Love and Death an opportunity presented itself for him to reconcile with Korn and in 2013 he returned as their lead guitarist.

"Everyone has changed, everyone, everyone's sober, there's no groupies backstage, there's no cocaine dealers, and we're all about music, friendship, and family. It's crazy, God worked on them, in their way, while he was working on me."

In a recent documentary, "Holy Ghost" Brian and his bandmates are followed on tour, evangelizing and praying with their fans.

To Get a Copy Of Brian's Book "Save Me From Myself" CLICK HERE

For More Information about Brian Welch Go To His Website:

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