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Life Stories: Steve Paterson

Steve Paterson's father was an alcoholic. Growing up, from Monday to Friday, Steve never saw his father. He could still remember his mother sitting and waiting at the window every night to see if his father would come home…

He never did.

Steve's view of God was never a healthy one. He remembers going to a little Baptist church in town as a kid. His father will always nudge him to go up during the altar call, "Don't you think it will be a good idea for you to go forward?"

Yet all he could think was, "Don't you think it would be a good idea if YOU went forward?"

At 13 years of age, Steve experienced drugs for the first time. Soon, he started selling drugs at school with his friend.

During one March break, he ran out of money and drugs. So Steve and his friend decided to take the prescription drugs that his father had around the house. He took about 23 Valium pills in total. As he laid on the couch, he passed out.

All he could remember was sitting at the kitchen with his father yelling at him, trying to get him to be coherent. Steve just laughed. His father hit him and knocked him off the chair. Steve laughed again as he did not feel a thing.

He woke up the next day in his room. His parents were not at home.

Steve turned on the television and 100 Huntley Street was on. He watched it for a few minutes and knew that if he didn't commit his life to Christ, he will be dead, given the road that he was travelling on.

At that moment, he gave his life to the Lord. Later that day, Steve found a bible that his parents had given him years before. He opened up to the book of Matthew and started reading and underlining everything.

That was the beginning of his transformation…

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- James1:12 NLT
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