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Litmus Test For Discerning Truth / RANDY ALCORN WEB EXCLUSIVE

The greatest test as to whether or not scripture is our authority is pretty much this: Do we allow God's Word to convince us to believe what we don't like believing, what we'd rather not believe or what is contrary to what we maybe always believed or wanted to believe?

It's easy to say we trust God's Word when what we really mean is, we'll take the verses that we like and we'll even memorize them and quote them but, those verses that we don't like, we don't want to have anything to do with. 

In heaven we will stand before the Lord and in that day, no matter what excuses we might come up with, God will say that He was clear.  This is what He has said in His Word and He will reward us; we don't deserve it but He'll reward us anyway because by grace we have been saved through faith. He will still give us eternal rewards for faithfully serving Him but, He will mention the areas where we've fallen short.  That's going to be very sobering for us, of course we're not going to live for eternity with regrets of that, but that's why we need to come to terms with God's truth here and now and not be reminded of it later when we stand before the Lord; when it will be too late to live our lives over again and do it differently. We need to look at the truths of God's Word and do it differently now.

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