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Live Love Lead / BRIAN HOUSTON

Brian Houston was always a visionary. From 5 years of age, he knew that he wanted to build a great church and be a preacher. He was always a big thinker yet never imagined the extent of opportunity God has brought his way.

"I still stand amazed at our home church, just looking out on a Sunday night, and I still get amazed at the grace of God every week after 32 years."

Vision has been a huge part of the growth of Hillsong Church. Other than building a healthy culture, a lot of pastors focus on the growth of a church, but Brian focuses on the health of the church because healthy things grow. To move upwards you have to stay healthy inwards. Some of the markers of health for Brian has been the soul. If the soul is prosperous then the church will be prosperous.  

"One of the things that marks our church is the servant hearted people at our church. It is easy to look at all of the esthetics of the music and lights, but I really feel that the goal of our church is the spirit and the heart of the people."

Brian also had his fair share of struggles including panic and anxiety attacks that caused him to burnout and need sleeping pills.

"I was leading a movement, 1200 churches, I was pastoring at Australia's largest church, I was travelling like crazy, speaking at conferences. I think somethings got to give. It is about letting go. You have to focus on one thing."

Brian has been married 40 years to his wife Bobbie who is his ministry partner. Vision is huge for the two of them. Both of them have dedicated their lives to the same cause. Brian believes there is an automatic uniting in that.

He says that the key to 42 years in ministry is genuinely loving the church and keeping focus, focusing on one thing: building the church. Too many people are juggling too many things, they lose the focus and the end goal. You need to focus on one thing in order to move forward and gain success. 

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