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Longing for Simplicity

Sometimes I feel like life gets complicated. There's a lot of pressure to keep up, so many demands and expectations. Technology has changed us and influenced our world, making it hard to disconnect. There are four remotes for my TV, and none of them actually turn the TV on.  I can talk to my phone and it answers, but it's really nobody. All around me people seem frazzled, busy and stressed out.  I just start to enjoy summer, and fall catalogues show up at my door. No one has time to stop.

Slow down life.

There has to be more than this.

Busyness often creates emptiness.

I have a new longing in my heart for SIMPLICITY.

The quality of being not fancy or complicated.

I like the idea of an uncomplicated life.  But I know that's not really realistic. Even if you live on a farm and make your own butter, you still will face complications at some point. I'm not talking about having a perfect life, that's not attainable for anyone. But in the complications that we face, it's our perspective that shapes our attitudes and sets the tone and climate for our experiences.

Value simplicity.

There are simple things that have made me happy in recent weeks:

Buying flowers from the side of the road and putting them in a mason jar

Baking a cake

Coffee with friends

Sitting in the sun and reading a book

Attending a piano recital

Planting flowers in a pot

Spraying the cold water from the garden hose on my feet

Picking wildflowers on a walk

Repurposing my morning coffee into an afternoon ice coffee

Making nachos and watching old movies with my family

I feel like the simpler I make my life the more I appreciate the world around me. The more I slow down, the more I can fully give because I can fully focus. My complications can be easier solved with a simple perspective.

Drama ceases. Love abounds. 

And honestly, I feel closer to Jesus. In a crazy life it's easy to forget him in the madness. It's hard to find time for him in the over-commitment. It's challenging to hear his voice when there is so much noise.

In the quiet of a simple life there can still be more.

More love

More giving

More serving

More forgiving

More dreaming.

Less noise

More him.

It's simple.

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