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Making a Choice to Let Hope In

Pastor Pete Wilson, Senior Pastor of Cross Point Church in Nashville, shares with us 4 unique choices that have the potential to change your life forever. As a pastor, he is in contact with people on a daily basis. It came as a shock to him that many people, both Christians and non-Christians, have a deficit of hope. This became a catalyst in writing his book, Let Hope In.

"We are a collective of choices...the choices we make dictate the life we live. "

Pastor Wilson lays out that in life, there are basically 4 choices that we make as Christ-followers. Regardless of whether you make the right or wrong choice, there will be implications.

Here, Pastor Wilson briefly teaches on two of the choices - choosing to trust rather than to please and choosing to free people rather than to hurt them.

Choosing to trust, rather than to please...

When you mix people-pleasing with ministry, things can spiral downwards in a hurry. On another note, when it comes to your relationship with God, this is essential.

There are 2 paths in the Christian life - one path says that "I'm going to work on my own sin issues, so that God will be pleased"; the other path is "I trust that Jesus is the one that will work and help me on my sin issues". Scriptures call us to abide in Christ and apart from Him, we can't do anything. It all comes down to your view of who God really is.

We have to trust that Jesus is enough. We are not Christians because we are like Jesus; we are Christians because Jesus became one of us. Remember that the grace of God and the cross are the centerpieces of Christianity.

Choosing to free people rather than to hurt people...

As Christians, we've had experience an incredible freedom through Jesus Christ. With that, we can now use that freedom to free other people through loving, empowering and sharing with them the hope of Jesus Christ. While it is true that hurt people, hurt people, it is also true that free people, free people.

Hope is a choice. It doesn't just happen to you. You have to choose hope.

And hope changes everything.

It can disarm guilt, shatter shame, and put your past in its place. All you have to do is make the choice to let it in. It won't be easy. It won't be quick. But it is possible and we serve a God who promises over and over again that anything is possible.

For a copy of Pastor Pete Wilson's book, Let Hope In, please visit our Crossroads eStore.

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