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Making Your Workplace Remarkable!


Dr. Randy Ross is Founder and CEO of Remarkable! He shares his book "Remarkable!" A book that is about increasing both team morale and performance.  Addressing the three dimensions of workplace culture--values, thinking, and behaviors.  Keys to building a strong team and avoiding the common workplace problems that sap energy and break down teamwork.

"Everybody wishes to be remarkable, everybody wants to be a part of something larger than self, to be a part of a movement creating good, to do something, to leave a legacy for others, but the sad part is that many people only wish, they never realize that."

Why does Randy inspire people to be remarkable? He does not want people to have the goal of getting rich but rather than being good deeds! " You have to become a value creator rather than value extractor. We need to look at how much we can extract from an organization that we get to work for, for our own personal benefit."

"Remarkable! is about providing a service or a product in the professional sense, that exceeds everybody's expectations that goes above and beyond to such a degree that when people leave your presence, they have an irrepressible desire to talk about you."

"Retirement is not the finish line, it's not about quitting doing what you are doing, but finding something that you love to do that so captures your attentions that you never want to retire." 

Randy provides four steps to achieving remarkability, check out his book Remarkable!, to read and learn the four steps to being remarkable.

To Get Your Copy of Randy's Book "Remarkable!" CLICK HERE

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