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Memorizing the Torah / UNDERSTANDING JESUS

Joe Amaral, producer of "Understanding Jesus", explains how the scriptures were covered back in the olden days. It also brings a deeper understanding of the significance behind Jesus reading Isaiah 61 in the synagogue. 

"As a pastor in North America, I know that lots of other pastors put a lot of time into prayer, asking God, what do I preach on this week, what do I take out of what I preach this week. It's always a dilemma, you never know what you are going to read. Some of the Orthodox churches have the verses picked out. We love to think as Christians that we invented daily Bible readings, we love to thing that there was nothing before, and where in the world do we have these marvelous ideas to gather in a building a read the bible together?"

The Jewish people were practicing what we do for thousands of years before any of us were here. Many of what the modern church practices and does today is rooted from the Hebrew culture, from Judaism

"In the time of Jesus when the first temple was destroyed, the Babylonians took the Jews into exile into Babylon. Along the way what happened was that the Torah scrolls were so large that they had to be carried with an ox and a cart. People had little bits of scrolls that they would tuck and hide because if they would be found they would be destroyed. They were so concerned on how do we preserve this book, there is no way we can memorize the whole thing we are going to lose the Word of God It's our lives what do we do? They came up with this system that sticks to this very day" explains Joe.

Each member in the community was given a verse to remember for the Synagogue. As a result, the whole community had the Bible memorized. 

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