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Missionary for Christ in Restricted Countries

Rev. Paul Estabrooks is a veteran foreign missionary with a deep concern for Christians in restricted countries. He took a delegation of Canadians and Americans to North Korea to pray and the government allowed him in despite his book, "Escape From North Korea".

"We are Christians. We came to pray for your country."

In North Korea, carrying a bible or speaking to others about Jesus Christ can bring a cruel death and it can mean torture for three generations for one's family members. Yet surprisingly, they have allowed Paul to enter and pray for the nation. When their tour guide realized that they were there to pray for North Korea, at every location of the tour, he would ask them if they want to pray there.

At the demilitarized zone, Paul's group started praying just like how they have done before. Then they started to sing the old hymn, Doxology. To their surprise, tears rolled down the face of one of the colonels present. God truly moves the hearts of people, no matter where or who they are.

Our prayers are crucial for this nation and many others like North Korea - not only for the persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ, but also for the oppressed and the oppressors who have yet found Christ.

Paul joined Open Doors in 1979 as Research Manager for the Asia region. Open Doors is a non-profit non-denominational organization that distributes Bibles, brings encouragement, training and other assistance to Christians living in areas where they are persecuted or are restricted in living out or sharing their faith. He has authored multiple books including "Night of a Million Miracles: The Inside Story of Project Pearl" and "Daily Inspirations from the Lion's Den." Many of these can be found on our Crossroads eStore.

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