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Mobilizing Women

Leanne McAlister is the ZOE Network Coordinator. She serves with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada as the Personnel and Family Life Director of International Mission. Leanne is passionate about linking Canadian women with the needs of women overseas as well as developing women in leadership. She is an ordained minister with the PAOC and serves on the preaching team of Living Waters Church in Fort Langley. She loves helping others understand who they were created to be and then assist them in walking it out through their passion, purpose and gifting.

Leanne was pastoring locally at a church called Living Water Church in Forth Langley. She was an Associate Pastor there. Leanne found she was doing everything except women's ministries. God started to get a hold of her heart about women's ministries as she would see women would not move forward even though they were gifted by God. Leanne felt that she needed to help women recognize who they were and mobilize them to action. "Women hold themselves back by not believing in themselves. There are two things that I have noticed, lack of confidence and misunderstanding and confusion of what women's roles in the church are" says Leanne. Women keep waiting for something in order to move forward. Women have everything they need to move forward and Leanne walks along side with them.

"I have never felt prepared for what God has done for me. I created a ministry called Zoe Projects. There is so much God can do through women who say yes." Leanne questions how do you get good at something unless you do it? The way that God works is he puts you in shoes that feel too big. Women need skills that make an impact on our world.

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