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Mom, How Do I Get a Mentor?

Be that person

"Mom, how do I get a mentor?" These were the words asked to me by my son this week. He was at a conference over the weekend and one of the sessions he attended was about influence. Three things were highlighted - the importance of having someone in your life to mentor you, the need to have someone to be your friend and confidant, and then to look out for those that you can influence with your own life. I loved that he took it so seriously, that he asked me that question.

So I told him that I would be praying that God sends him a mentor, someone who can influence his life. As a mom, I welcome this - I desire this for him! I want others in his life that are influencing him who are saying the same things I am saying... but from a different perspective - a different voice.

I think maybe at all times we have asked ourselves - how do I get a mentor? I know I have asked that question for myself. How can I find someone who will take interest in me, look out for me, hold me accountable, and impart wisdom in my life? More importantly, I ask that question for my own kids. Recently I was at a high school parent information night and they were talking about how studies show that students need other adults in their lives that are speaking truth, showing interest, and having positive influence. I had to smile - because that is SO what we want to see happen in our faith communities. Our culture as a whole, I believe also is recognizing the need for positive influence. We want to be mentoring and influencing one another.

II'm thankful for where I do see that happening. I love my young mom friend with a baby that has made my daughter feel so special and loved. She is a mentor in her life. I love when my awesome leaders at my church send my kids emails and invests in their lives. I love the relationships of the kids in our home group - from the toddler to the teenagers - how they all seek each other out at church to say hi!  I love seeing young adults in our church that are creating relationships with students that go beyond a simple hello. I love mature adults who take the time to connect with young parents, offering support and care. These relationships are so significant. These things make us family and these things can change our future. These things can change lives. Simple relationships.

We all long to belong. To feel loved, to feel valued and to feel like someone truly cares.

Imagine if we all committed to being THAT person to one person. That would be pretty huge. That would be so relational. That would be life changing. That would create community like no other.

We all need each other.

Let's all be that person

To another person

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