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New Year's Resolutions for the Family

The new year is always a sign of freshness, a new start, promise, and opportunity. With that comes the inevitable New Year's resolutions. This year, make resolutions for the whole family. Here are a few ideas.

-         More reading and less electronics. Television, Internet, video games, and other electronics can often be a source of distraction. Resolve to turn off the television for a couple hours a week, and replace that time with reading. You'll be glad you did.

-       Have an attitude of gratitude. Being thankful every day for even just the little things improves your mood, reduces stress, and realigns your focus on the things that truly matter like the ones you love.

-         Make family dinners a priority. Research shows that families who eat together at the same time every day are more supportive of each other. It's a great way to bond as a family, catch up on daily activities, and add needed structure.

-        Move together. Exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and a healthy family. Going for walks or playing a game of tag is a great way to get your body moving and bond as a family.

-       Don't over-schedule. Kids today are too busy with school work and all the extracurricular activities. You have to allow time for free play, family time, and proper sleep. Striking a balance between the activities your kids enjoy and free time is important for your kids' and family's health.

Above all, enjoy the year with your family. Laugh lots. Don't sweat the small stuff. Be kind. Love lots. Your kids will follow your example.  

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