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No More Empty Journals

I am completely addicted to journals and blank pieces of paper. Right now, on my desk at home are 6 journals, I could easily find about 5 more in 10 minutes. There is something about a blank page that appeal to my very core. (I'm that back to school shopper that stocks up on paper and then likes to take it home and smell it.)

The possibility of creating something with words totally thrills me.

A blank canvas begging for ink.

Crying out for a story.

The only troubling thing to me is that most of my journals are unmarked. Some have a few words written in them - an attempt to fill the pages with thoughts and adventures. I'm sad to say it's been a long time since I have filled an entire book with words.

As I surveyed my collection, I felt a little bit of alarm.

Pretty journals with barren pages aren't going to inspire anything.

There are so many stories to write.

Who cares about vacant journals empty of stories that might have been?

Stories need to be written.

We all know that someday the story ends for everyone. That is the reality of life. But what you do and how you live each part of your adventure through each chapter is what can make your life a story worth reading. Everyone has a story that is significant to tell.

Our lives are like a blank journal.

How will you live your chapters?

Filled with more love? More adventure? More compassion? More creativity? More Kindness? More worship? Fill it with the things that matter most to you.

Psalm 107:3 - Let the redeemed of the Lord tell their story

The best past of my story is that I am not writing it alone. I'm writing it alongside the great author of my life who has also written the greatest story ever told. He's got the outline done. I'm just following his direction and the stories I live are inspired by the love he's given.

No more empty journals.

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