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One God. One Church. One Weekend / Breakforth Canada

Breakforth Canada is the largest gathering of Christians in Canada. With representatives from a thousand churches and most denominations in attendance. The theme this year is "One"

One God. One Church. One Weekend.

There is expected to be an attendance of over 5000 people over the weekend. Most are followers of Jesus, and most are leaders in their church and community. This conference has been a gathering place for them for the last 20 years. They come for spiritual renewal and equipping to more effectively be the church year round.

It is directed by Sharol & Neil Josephson and they share the idea behind this year's theme being "One".

It captures what Breakforth has been about for 20 years. The unity piece is really important to them. It is a gathering place for all Christians to gather in one place and worship one God, differences aside.

People say that when they try to build unity across denominational lines, generational lines, it can be a challenge. Breakforth has broken through that.

We need to gather as Christ followers to figure out how we live out our faith in todays culture. When you get face to face with different people the barriers come down and you can discuss hard questions.

When you lift up Jesus He draws all people.

They have many amazing speakers this year. A lot of great music will be involved.

 Sharol says that she would love for Breakforth to become a place where Christians can dialogue about the hard things of our faith. There will be break out groups where discussions can happen.

It is about training people to go deeper in their faith and then training them on how to pass it on.

There will be training in all aspects of the faith.

January 27th - 29th

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