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Outgrow Your Space at Work

Rick Whitted says you can get promoted on the job, and it is probably easier than you think.

He has written "Outgrow Your Space at Work: How to Thrive at Work and Build a Successful Career".

His book starts with the biggest career mistake he has ever made. He was young and started working in the banking profession and was doing well. They asked him if he could do some college recruiting for them on evenings and weekends. A few years later they asked him if he would lead college recruiting. It was a Fortune 100 company and he would have been close to the top of the company while still in his mid 20s.

Got a call and there was a hiring freeze and the job he was supposed to get would be effected. He was a wreck. His first thought was that he needed to get out of there. His career was not moving anymore.

That wasn't logical, he was doing really well in his job, he was making good money in his job, he had a great reputation in his job. For some reason in that moment, he felt like his career wasn't moving.

Within about 3 months he had left the business and started his own. Within 3 months of starting that business he got the call again and they were ready to move forward with their previous job opportunity. He told them he was no longer with the organization. He thinks now about the opportunities he may have missed or the delay in his career from that one quick and responsive response.

Impatience turned into entitlement, "I should have more", which turned into the thought that they did not value him. It filled him with negative thoughts and felt insecure and angry.

When did work become so much more emotionally stressful for us?

We are using work to answer a fundamental life question that it was never meant to answer,

"Is my life moving forward?"

We are all trying to answer that question in life. When things don't happen the way we thought it would or when we thought it would in our careers and our workplace is such an emotional check for us.

We use work to answer the question of if our life is moving forward instead of using other milestones and markers that would help us understand that we are moving forward if we just took the time to look at them.

It is not illogical.

55 - 60 % of our time is spent at work or in work related activities. Most of life is done on the stage of work. So subconsciously what we end up doing is judging how our life is moving forward based on work.

Work is a very long-term proposition and it is a path and a journey.

We need to look at if the decisions we are going to make today going to value us in the long run.

The concept of his book is that you don't get promoted but overtime you outgrow your space and when others see that, your gifts make room for you. Your talents speak for you. They need to put you in a bigger place because you are doing so well where you are.

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