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Overrated / EUGENE CHO

In a study conducted by the University of British Columbia it was found that people who demonstrated support for causes and organizations on social media, were actually less likely to donate money or time at a later date.

Eugene Cho, author of "Overrated" believes when we talk about justice or about generosity, the focus tends to be on the other person that we are trying to help. It is a very important conversation. Eugene is challenging people the way he has been challenged by the Holy Spirit. We are asking God to move mountains, but is it possible that we are actually the mountain that God wants to move? When we are doing the work of justice is it possible that justice also needs to do us, to impact us and change us as well. When it comes to generosity, we absolutely need to be generous, but the question we can also ask is there something that is also enslaving us in some way?

What it means to follow Jesus isn't just one singular path to only look like one way. They Holy Spirit works and convicts us in so many of variety of ways. Generosity isn't just about financial assets, it is about our time, it is about our energy. We are called to be generous in all of those ways.

Eugene is challenging people to be an expert, to go deep in the things that we feel convicted about. Today's culture is very light. Other times people will say, "I saw this on Facebook or I saw this on Twitter." Those things do have a place in our conversation. But if we are called to something whether it is homelessness or human trafficking, we owe it to ourselves but to the God who deposited such convictions to grow deep in expertise.

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