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Professional Skateboarder, Brian Sumner, Surrendering to Jesus

Professional skateboarder and amateur man of faith, Brian Sumner, rose to fame and riches at a young age of 19. After watching movies like Police Academy 4, Tony Hawks etc., Brian began to wonder if the stunts in the movie were real or were they just Hollywood special effects. That's when he started skateboarding. That's when he fell in love with the sport.

It wasn't that big then and Brian never expected it to be a big career.

He started winning some contests. He started gaining attention in California. Then, once he was out of school, he got the invitation to go to the States and skate with the professionals.

He hit it big.

At 19 years of age, Brian was earning thousands of dollars a month. He met a girl and fell madly in love. So just before he went back for a short trip to England, they got married. Shortly after, she got pregnant with their first child.

Yet, Brian never knew what responsibilities were. He had been living for himself the whole time. And there they were, married, with a kid while he was traveling for his career. The issues of life crept in. They started fighting a year or two into the marriage about finances, time and responsibilities. It wasn't long before they both walked away from the marriage.

Everything on the outside looked great: he still had all the money, he was still on the covers of magazine. Yet, on the inside, he had no idea what was going on. There was so much anger and pain that he would get into about 8 fights in a month. He did not care at all.

Due to his career in skateboarding, he had many tickets/marks on his records especially since they never apply for licenses to skate on the rails or other places (it was considered as vandalism). When the violence and fights happened, the law came down on him and forced him to do community service.

Brian looked down the list of places and things that he was supposed to do for his community service, he was drawn to "Christian Thrift Store". For one, he wanted to see God's truth, to know what is true and why is his life this way. He was searching.

When a sinner repents, the Holy Spirit shows up…

Brian Sumner went through a 7 month period of "What is going on?" before he came to a complete surrender to God.

"I remember coming home one night, it was 12 o'clock, getting to my knees and saying ‘God, I'll give You my skating, I'll give You my life, I'll get baptized, I'll even re-marry that woman…It was a real plea of ‘God, I get it. The gospel is good news. You're the mediator. You're the lamb of God. You're the only one that can saved me. I need this Jesus."

That night, God showed up and transformed Brian's life. It was a completely tangible experience.

His wife got saved a few weeks later and they got re-married.

Today, their oldest son is 13, their daughter is 6 and their youngest son is 3.

God restored their lives beyond what they can ever imagined.

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