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Q&A with our New CEO Lorna Dueck

Lorna Dueck is the newly appointed CEO of Crossroads and many are wondering why she decided to make such a big decision like this and come back home.

Lorna says it was a big decision but she made this choice because media is an amazing influencer. She is a lifer in using media for Jesus. 100 Huntley Street is a beautiful power house with an amazing team, amazing resources, amazing donors coast to coast. Media is just getting more powerful and more influential in the world. It changes the conversation in the world in an instant and why wouldn't we want to jump in and lead that for Jesus.

The church plays such a big role in media because they have the stories. The church does the real life with God and 100 Huntley Street gets a chance to highlight what goes on.

Lorna will be taking a step back from being on air and taking more of an administrator's role. She will be visiting donors across the country.

Lorna shares that when she started her year the goal for her year was that she wanted to be fruitful. As she looks at the age and stage she is at and she looks at the energy and speed media is coming with she knows it needs leadership. She feels God has been brewing something in her about stepping up to a higher level of leadership. There is a whole side to the strategy of what it means that the globe has split out digitally? What does it mean that everyone is watching everything on a handheld device? What about the financial engine that fuels this entire operation? Fundraising was Gods idea. We are going to figure out what it means to maintain the temple in the airwaves.

There are some great opportunities coming up that you can be a part of as we move forward with 100 Huntley Street.

The founder of our ministry David Mainse is turning 80 years old and people can come out on August 12th for a live taping in the studio to Celebrate David Mainse 80th Birthday. There we will be launching Generation 2 Generation. We will be thanking David for his generation and his generational life of growing Christian voice in media. A new generation is stepping in and we are going to continue carrying his torch. You can reserve a place in the audience live. There is going to be a party with 2 studios to fit everyone in.

The whole back to school week starting on August 29th we are going to be doing back to school blessings. We are going to pray every kid from Kindergarten to University and Post-Secondary off to school with a huge blessing. There will be a Family Fun Festival here on the grounds on September 24th where the older generation will pray for Canada's young people.

The Great Faith Tour will go back to the 1874 revival site that happened on the shores of Lake Ontario because that revival still effects faith today and then they will be going onto the aboriginal sites where the Mohawk Gospel came to Canada, a Residential school, and finish touring the Toronto great faith sites. Such as hospitals and universities and colleges.

The Great Awakening Tour will be going to London, England in June 2017 because what changed John Wesley from an ordinary person ton a world changer, we can all experience. Learning the original words in Wesley's journals that ignited his faith in Christ.

Soon after will be Canada's 150th and we will be doing something for that.

You can find more information about all these events at

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