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Reclaiming Wood, Reclaiming Lives

What do you get when you combine a businessman who has a heart for ministry along with a huge warehouse, reclaimed wood and some down and out craftsmen?

What you will get is Lamon Luther, the company.

Lamon Luther is a farmer, a mechanic and a carpenter born in 1930 at the foot hills of Randolph County, Alabama. With his hands, he provides for his family. He is a rugged gentleman.

The company, Lamon Luther, was thus born as a tribute to a dying generation of craftsmen. Founded by Brian Preston, Lamon Luther is about building hope and creating opportunity for homeless carpenters. They achieve this by putting tools in their hands, and building the finest handcrafted furniture in the world.

Each piece carries the blood, sweat and tears of their carpenters and a story of hope and opportunity.


One of Brian's favorite parables in the bible is the parables of the talents. 2 of the servants got a 100% return on their talent/investment! And for the one servant who has safely kept his talents in a "savings account", the master came and took all those talents and gave them to the first 2 servants who have invested wisely.

"I believe that we have been given a lot…we want to multiply this. We want to see a hundred guys in here building this. Not only that, we want to take it all over the country, all over the world. "

Brian firmly believes that anything broken can be made into something beautiful.

The common judgment or stereotypical mindset is that these people have no value and are risky hires. Some of them have police records, most of them do not have transportation. A lot of them have major employment obstacles.

Yet due to all the obstacles that had prevented them from entering the workforce, when they are presented with the opportunity, they do not take it lightly. They are eager and hardworking.

They see hope.

They see redemption.

About Lamon Luther

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