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Relaxing with God

Andrew Farley is the Pastor at Church without Religion. His new book is, "Relaxing with God".

Andrew shares how he was 19 years old and on the floor of his apartment and he was begging God for answers. He was doing everything God said to do. Sharing his faith with every single person he met, he was in church every time the doors were open. He was reading his Bible 4 or 5 times a day. However he was totally miserable, he was burnt out. He knew Heaven was a free gift but he was trying to get God to like him and keep God liking him. He was trying to please God through human effort and he had this list of things he had to do to feel okay at the end of the day and he still didn't feel okay.

These feeling lasted a few years, he was everywhere evangelizing and trying to please God to earn points.  When you take something that far you eventually realize the system is broken and these teachings are wrong and this is not the truth that is going to set me free. There is a bondage with this and an anxiety with this.

It took about 10 years of replacing old thoughts with new thoughts. At the centre was the idea of Gods grace. He had heard the word grace a thousand times but he thought grace was for salvation and it was almost like there was another method for daily living. When Jesus said, "I will give you rest" it was actually real. A lot of Christians are more anxious than unbelievers and a lot of Christians end up more depressed than the unbeliever because you got the God of the universe you are supposed to somehow impress and prove yourself to. Real Christianity is God proving Himself to us.

He didn't question his faith in this 10 year span but he was worn out. God used the book of Hebrews more than anything else. Hebrews talks about a once for all forgiveness, that's not again and again. That's not a neurotic asking and pleading, and hoping, and waiting, and begging for God to swoop out of Heaven and forgive you again every time you sin. It's a once for all. He's forgiven and forgotten our sins forever. Not just as a ticket to Heaven but the slate is clean no matter what. When he saw that grace had teeth. When he saw the blood of Christ instead of his apology based system. He started honoring the finished work of Christ for the first time ever.

There was freedom in that.

Relaxing with God is making every effort to enter Gods rest. We need to know what Jesus did and know what it means for us personally. Understand the meaning of the cross. Gods not angry. You don't owe God, you could never pay God back. The Cross worked.

What does spiritual relaxation look like? How is it expressed? Andrew shares those tips and more in this amazing interview and book.

Book "Relaxing with God"

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