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Restoring Brokenness / LIFE HAPPENS

Life has a way of making you stronger.  

After announcing his decision to leave their marriage on Mother's day, the day came that Stacy's ex-husband was coming to collect his belongings, work tools and hockey equipment from our home. They did not know that there would be a police supervisor and a second officer to accompany him while he piled things into the rented truck.

The boys watched as their Daddy was reciting the times they would still continue to have together, and not to worry, assuring them that Daddy would still visit - which to this day their dad makes no contact. Stacy's youngest son ran to her arms and with a quiver in his voice said, "Mommy, Daddy is taking all the hockey stuff." In a calm voice she spoke to her little boy and to his fears and said, "No son, remember no one is taking things from us.  I have said to your dad, ‘Yes you can have your hockey equipment because it belongs to you, and you play hockey.'" His little face, once fearful, turned to relief saying, "That's right, I have hockey stuff too, because I play hockey." The importance of communication with our children is so important, especially when their little hearts are captive to every word and action.  The impact of the boys' father pulling out of the driveway, watching him wave goodbye was heart-breaking.   Several years have now passed and restoration has come through perseverance and trusting in God.  It was important not speak against their Dad, but to try and be the best Mother I could be, not try to fix everything. Stacy learned to be content on her own, learned how to be a single parent, then in time,  Stacy met and was remarried to a wonderful man, God's gift of restoration to her and to her boys.

We close with our theme passage for Life happens from Joshua 1:9 and encourage you to-

Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid;

Do not be discouraged…Why?...

For the Lord your God--

Will be with you wherever you go."

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