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Royal Foundry - "All We Have"

GMA Nominated Folk Duo the ROYAL FOUNDRY Release Video for New Single "All We Have"

What do you get when you combine the edgy rock vocals of Junkyard Poets front man (the youngest nominated producer of the year in GMA history) and the beautifully artistic sensibilities of a photographer whose musical history is that full of worshipful melodies?

The Royal Foundry.

The GMA Nominated Folk Duo are releasing their debut album Wherever We Go January 31st to follow up their nominated Folk/Pop hit "Run Back."

The Royal Foundry was formed just over 6 months ago. Shortly before band mates Jared & Bethany Salte were Married in late September. Since then they have collectively brought home 6 awards and 12 nominations from the prestigious GMA awards. They take their influences from bands such as The Civil Wars, Mumford & Sons and Sufjan Stevens. Bringing their beautiful Folk infused Pop to stages across North America. They will be kicking off the release of their album on January 31st with the biggest concert they have ever played, in front of an audience of 1800 at Evangel Pentecostal Church in Edmonton, AB.

"The name The Royal Foundry is inspired by the way that God is constantly working in our lives. As a blacksmith refines and purifies metals so does our Saviour through melting and moulding us daily." comments Jared. "In March they will be going on a missions trip to share their music, message and faith to schools across the countries of Belize and El Salvador, and in May they will be hitting the road to launch their first tour across Canada. All of these plans made in the short time that they've been together as The Royal Foundry.

"Its been an incredibly jam packed journey thus far, doors have been opened for us so naturally, we are stepping into this new chapter of our lives, hand in hand with great confidence with the Lord as our Guide." Bethany states while wearing her smile as proof of God's providence in their lives.

Needless to say, this jumpstarted folk/pop husband and wife duo are stepping out in faith, taking their ministry with them to all corners of the earth right from the get go. Their hearts and minds aligned with their confidence in God's plans for their lives through this exciting endeavour together.

Crossroads 360 asked Jared Salte a few questions about the upcoming album:


J: It's hard to explain, as our 'Band' just came to be without us really thinking or acting on it.  We wrote 'Run Back' shortly before we got engaged and then took a break as we prepared for our wedding. Then after we got married in September, all this recognition occurred and opportunities just presented itself to us. After the GMA's we naturally just poured out the rest of the album - and its inspiration was all sorts of things. Our new marriage and life together, love, how relationships are perceived in the world vs. our own biblical perception, and more clearly in more specific songs, such as Abraham; biblical stories/scriptures/people. A lot, we know, but like we said before, it just came pouring out of us so naturally - which is inspiration enough.

This album was created very naturally. It felt very unintentional. We didn't really have a definite moment of decision to become a band. We got married in September and just started writing and recording right off the bat and before we knew it we were getting some attention for our music and now we have an album in our hands. 


J: It was recorded in Edmonton Alberta at Salt Shaker Studios. I (Jared) run and operate the studio where Beth, also as a photographer, does the album and artwork for other artists/bands, so it was just the obvious choice to record there.


J: We each have different favourite songs. Mine would have to be "In The Middle" which talks about our relationship early on and how we chose to keep our marriage bed pure before marriage. That was a huge part of how Beth and I even began dating - we promised each other that God would be in the centre of our relationship, along with doing daily devos together (some 50+ devotional books over the course of our 3 years of dating) a passionate ministry that we love talking about. And Bethany's favourite song is "Waiting" which is about being Lukewarm in your faith - a song inspired by her time in Youth Ministry. She wrote this song as she struggled through trying to reach out to others, to bring an active change in people's lives...not just a stagnant 'change' that happens for a few weeks or so, then disappears.


J: Our goal is to get on the road and tour like crazy! We're really happy with our music and just really want to be sharing it anywhere we can!

Watch a performance of Royal Foundry at the 2013 GMA Covenant Awards Show "Run Back":

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