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Russia and Syria / TARGET ISRAEL

Russian military is actively involved in the Middle East for the first time in a long time. We are now hearing of flights and military activity and Russian troops in Syria. It is obvious that the Middle East is in turmoil and it is not going to get resolved any time soon. There is no simple solution. It is getting the attention of people who are familiar with Bible prophecy because you have the prophecies in Ezekiel 38-39 that have never been fulfilled. That there would come one day near the end that there would come an invasion of Israel from every direction. Ezekiel even names some of those places. He pictures all of these countries coming against Israel and Israel's situation is so desperate that God has to intervene to defend them. We can't run ahead of God and set any dates, we are told in scripture not to do that. Nobody knows the time, so don't waste your time, trying to guess the time, be ready all the time, because Jesus could come at any time but in the mean time we have to be realistic as we read the Bible and look at the news to understand. There is something happening in the Middle East that sounds like setting the stage for that prophecy. It raises the issue that Russia's involvement with Iran defending the Iranian cause is certainly a reality and the very thing that Ezekiel predicted about the last days could actually occur in the immediate future.


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