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See the Need, Meet the Need

There is an unusual outreach in downtown Hamilton, ON, led by Jason McGibbon that is nicknamed "The Beer Store Church". As the Pastor of the Hamilton Fellowships Church, he along with a group of volunteers gather at the Beer Store on Dundurn Street, every Monday morning to provide free coffee, water and sandwiches to those dropping off empty cans beer bottles.

It started out as an outreach to a group of guys that were meeting in Jason's neighbourhood, who were going through the recycling bins, looking for things they can return for a deposit. They would meet out at The Beer Store before it opens. So Jason and team decided to love their neighbours and started bringing coffee and sandwiches to them. As relationships were built over the weeks, they started to share the gospel and the spiritual element starts to deepen.

See the need, meet the need

Jason is often joined by his family in reaching out to the lost in Hamilton. As such, all 4 of his children were taught from a young age that Jesus wants us all to be on a mission with Him, that they all have a role to play. There's always something you can do about it.

TJ, their youngest child, shares one particular story where she broke the 'safety rule' set by her parents while trying to reach out to a homeless man. She was only a little 6 year old back then. TJ took the initiative to go to a man who was standing a distance from the crowd offering her friendship and inviting him to join them, because everyone belonged.

The McGibbon family is truly modeling what Jesus was doing, seeing the need and reaching out to meet the need. It's not hard to start from where you are. It begins with a simple act of kindness to someone who is near you.

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