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Shifting Stats: Shaking the Church

Three church leaders from different denominations weigh in on the topic of the 2014 National Church Leaders Spring Forum "Shifting Stats: Shaking the Church." This annual Forum, hosted by World Vision, will feature the latest and most relevant research on Canadian society in order to equip Church leaders for ministry in a changing society. They believe Church ministry is the most effective when Church leaders are aware of societal changes.

Points of Discussion:

- What worked years ago in the church, institutionally doesn't work today.

- We can keep people so entertained with programs that we don't realize we aren't deeply engaging with God in a way that would sustain when the programs aren't on.

- Many people feel the church is irrelevant and boring, others don't think about it at all, and some that belong in the church think we should cater to their preference.

- People are not going to church on Sundays, how do we capitalize on that to make church different?

- Relationship is everything.

- 80% of Canadians believe in God, but they aren't connected to a church setting.

- We must be able to identify the pastor as a real person.

- in the Greater Toronto Area, 80% of church-goers are in Black or Asian majority churches.

- Immigrants are changing the dynamic of the situation


1) If your church building was to close, how would you conduct your christian life?

2) And what is preventing you from doing that now?

Rev. Dr. Connie DenBok - Alderwood United Church, Etobicoke Ont

Pastor Jamie Stewart - Kennedy Road Tabernacle, Brampton Ont.

Pastor Zak Gariba - Jubilee Celebration Centre, Orillia/Owen Sound/Alliston Ont.

For more information on the 2014 forum, visit 

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