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Summer Family Fun!

It's summer! Long lazy days with your family are spread out before you. Sometimes though, those days can involve your children coming to you with these words, "I'm bored!"

Here are some fun ideas that you can do that will keep your children occupied and having lots of fun making great summer memories

Bubble Station

Little bottles of bubbles often tip over, so why not created a bubble refill station? Use a big drink dispenser (it's only soap and water so it won't hurt!) or get an empty laundry detergent container with the "tap" dispenser. Fill up your bubble dispenser in the morning and keep the station outside all day. The kids can fill up whenever they want. You can also have a container with lots of fun bubble wands for them to try out. Bubbles have never been so fun!

Ocean Drink

For a fun treat, get some blue coloured drink crystals. Pour some in the bottom of a glass, and then throw in some orange gummy candy fish. Add club soda and a straw and start stirring. Kids will love to see the fish swimming around in their glass, and then they can drink their ocean treat.

Sponge Splatball

Get some sponges at the dollar store and cut them into strips. Tie the strips tightly together with thin rope. You'll create fun sponge balls! Fill up a bucket of water and throw them in, and you have all you need for a water war (that won't hurt!) Use them all summer and pull them out on those extra hot days.

Giant Jenga

Who doesn't love Jenga? How about a giant version for the deck! Get 2 long pieces of 2x3 wood, and cut even length pieces. Sand the ends, and you are ready to play! This will be used all summer long!

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