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Summer Fun Crafts

The lazy days of summer call for some extra special fun for families. Try out these activities and make some great memories!

Marshmallow Launchers

Plastic cups, balloons, duct tape and mini marshmallows are all you need to keep your kids occupied for hours. Cut off the bottom off a plastic cup and attach a balloon with the end cut off. Seal with duct tape and fill with marshmallows and start launching! So much fun!

Cookie Sheet for Travellers

A cookie sheet is a great magnetic surface for those long road trips. Paint your cookie sheet with black chalkboard paint, get some fun magnets and chalk and your kids will be entertained during those long drives.

Verse of the week

It's important to get God's word into the hearts of our children. Select some verses that you would like your children to learn and write them out. Fold them up and put them into a jar. Each week in the summer have your children pick a verse. Write it on a chalkboard where everyone can see it, and learn it together. By the end of the summer your children will know more of God's word.

Natural Jar Juice

Avoid sugary drinks and create some natural juice. Get some fresh summer fruit and make any combination that you like, put the fruit into mason jars, add water and chill overnight. You will have a tasty and fruity drink that is all natural. It's great to help you hydrate and detox!

For more details on these projects, visit our Pinterest board at 100HuntleyStreet

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