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Summertime Activities for the Family!

Summertime! Fun Time! Try out some of these activities with your family, you'll create some amazing memories and have some incredible fun

Books of the Bible Cups

Learning the books of the Bible is important to help children navigate God's Word. Make a set of Books of the Bible stacking cups. Use labels or write directly on the cups and have your kids try to stack the cups in the right order.  You can make it a competition or a game, and before long they will have all the books memorized!

Frozen Treasure Block

This activity will keep children busy all day long. Get some small toys at the dollar store and put them into a freezable container (A bucket works great). Freeze overnight and you will have a block of ice containing some new treasures. Get some safe tools and put the block outside for the day. Kids will have a blast as they chip away at the ice and discover the treasures inside!

Tie Dye Pillowcases

Tie Dye is a super fun activity for the summer. Get some white t-shirts, pillowcases - whatever you can find! Bunch up the material all over and tie with elastic bands. Dip into whatever fabric dyes you like (mix it up and use different colors) and let dry overnight. Pull off the elastics and you will have an amazing tie-dye creation! 

Homemade Flubber

Flubber is so fun! Check out this recipe we found on pinterest

Create some gooey flubber fun for your family!

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