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Tame Your Tongue - The Complaining Tongue

The five daughters of Zelophehad had a problem.   Their father had died in the wilderness before the Israelites came into the Promised Land.  Zelophehad did not have any sons to inherit his portion of the land and the law did not provide for daughters to receive the son's portion instead. 

Consequently, these women, not having a father, brother, husband, son or any other man in their immediate family were left out completely. Rather than complaining to others, we learn in NUMBERS 27 that they called a "congressional hearing" presented their petition for an inheritance to Moses and the leaders. When Moses took their case to God, He agreed with the women and granted their request.

Now, what do you think the outcome would have been had they simply complained to anyone in the multitude who would listen rather than bringing it those in authority? I doubt that they would have gotten an inheritance. 

A legitimate complaint can only be resolved if you direct it to the one who can change your situation.  Don't waste time or tarnish your Christian witness by soliciting others to commiserate with you when you have an unresolved issue.  Take the direct approach instead. 

Since complaining is contagious, this is a hard mouth malady to cure. In the past, I have found myself joining in with others who complained about minor inconveniences. I felt it was my way of creating a bond.

If you are a complainer, you must start to resist the constant "ain't it awful" party. Trust me, others will be glad that you did.

I'm going to give you a challenge: Do not express displeasure with ANY  PERSON OR ANY SITUATION for the next 24 hours. When tempted, counter it with thanksgiving for a blessing you've taken for granted!

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God blesses those who patiently endure testing and temptation. Afterward they will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him.
- James1:12 NLT
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Dear God, sometimes my "testing" season seems so long. Please give me courage to endure until the end. Help me not to bail! You said you would bless me for hanging in there - I will not give up on you or your promises. You are with me and will see me through this trial.