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The Atheist Who Didn't Exist / ANDY BANNISTER

y Bannister is the Director of Ravi Zacharias Canada (RZIM) and has written a brand new book, "The Atheist Who Didn't Exist: Or the Dreadful Consequences of Bad Arguments". His goal with this book was to combine Apologetics, Humor, Comedy, and Theology and have some fun!

What triggered this book was that he started to get frustrated with the Christian responses to some of the atheist arguments we hear in our culture. They were very high brow and philosophical and that turned people off. He wanted a book you could genuinely give to a non-Christian friend and they actually would want to read it.

The book began a couple of years ago when he was commonly running into an argument with skeptics and atheists he would meet. This was their argument:  Atheism is a non-belief, the absence of belief in God and therefore you don't need to defend it, or give reasons for it because it isn't anything.

They would use that to say Christians are the ones who have to give all of the evidence and we don't have to say anything.

The problem with that statement is that is the equivalent of someone sitting across from you and saying, "I don't believe Sweden exists" and not having a statement to back that up. Often when you approach atheist with this mindset and they are able to laugh about it, it is a lot easier to talk to them. The key is, we all need to laugh at ourselves, even as Christians.

Christians do and say some silly things as well. Those one liners that we come up with ( "Jesus Saves" or "Have you found Jesus?") sound okay in Christian settings but when you say them to someone with no background, it just makes us look stupid and shallow.

We also often use "Christianese", saying words without realizing our non-Christian friends have no understanding of what we mean. Sometimes those are little catch-phrases, sometimes they are theological terms like "sin" - we know what that means but if you are a non-Christian who has no background in the church, you have no idea what that word means. We need to talk in a way that people can understand us.

Many atheist writers attack the very concept of faith: Faith is toxic, faith is bad, faith/religion poisons everything.  Yet, everybody has faith, just in a different way. To make things worse, religion has gone bad in many circumstances and it is hard to fight that point. And the cherry on top is that many Christians have behaved badly.

These are some of the obstacles that make people not want to be a part of Christianity. We need to overcome these obstacles!

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