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The Authentic Man / WEB EXCLUSIVE

Men are trying to figure out what it means to be a man in today's society but that also relates how men interact with women in their lives.

Dr. Andrew Blackwood shares that everybody is different so the best way to know how to interact with you partner is by getting to know them. What one woman wants is different from another. Women in connection to that need to learn to be specific about what they feel in comparison to what they think and then to be clear about what they want from their partner. Women often think men should just know what we are thinking. Women either say nothing, or too much; they assume their husbands should know or they confuse the situation by saying, "I feel like you just don't love me". With that statement however we need to know if that is a feeling, or a belief.

Paul Lafrance adds that he has been married to his wife for almost 20 years and he still has no idea what any of her facial expressions mean. There is a necessity for men to understand that their thinking is different but women need to understand that as well. When we are talking about the cultural image of men and women should see that it is not okay what is being done to men. If in a commercial a husband walked into a room and said, "my wife is so stupid" there would be outrage but for a woman to do that in regards to her husband it is okay, we even laugh at it. There is this image that men are these buffoons and that is supposed to be funny. Yet we wonder why men are walking around with this insecurity that they have to constantly prove themselves, showing that they know what they are doing. Which can translate into men shutting down and not talking.

Dr. Blackwood shares that the key to being happy is by being happy with who you are and confident in that. Women need to be able to affirm men in this instead of focusing on what they do wrong.

Lafrance shares there is a definitive difference between boys desperately trying to be men or men that are free to be boys again. Unless you come to be like a child, you cannot see the Kingdom of Heaven. There is something very powerful about being free to be a kid again. To be authentic to who you are, be exactly who you are, exactly how you were made, not comparing yourself to anybody else. It is more accepted for women to be in touch with their emotions and free with their emotions. For a man if you are too emotional you are not truly masculine and that is not true.

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