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The Bible Series

I have always loved the word of God. The stories that were first read to me as a young child from my blue "Stories of the Bible" books are the ones that shaped my heart and transformed my soul. They are stories of truth. The greatest gift of redemption is spoken through those pages. No other book has impacted my life in such a significant way.

Last month I was excited to receive an invitation to attend a preview of THE BIBLE at the Crossroads Centre. A new mini-series, produced by Mark Burnett and Roma Downey, which premiered on 3.3.13 on the History Channel. As a parent and as a leader I was so excited by what I saw. We know that God's Word is unchanging and timeless. But our culture is always changing and shifting and as I watched some of THE BIBLE on the screen, I knew that this portrayal of God's Word is one that will have great influence. Done with such excellence, even the most media savvy people will appreciate what has gone into this series.

I loved the depiction of the creation story of Genesis. The scene of John the Baptist baptizing Jesus moved me. I was enthralled as I saw Jesus tempted in the desert by Satan. I was so excited by what I saw and I can't wait to watch the whole series. It was also inspiring to hear Mark and Roma share their hearts and the passion that they themselves have for God and his Word and why they felt it was important to see this project come to life. 

I can't wait to watch this with my family! I made sure we have the History Channel so we are ready to go! I know my children are going to love it, and I am excited for them to see it. It will make for great faith conversations in our home and it will be a great investment of our time together.

I hope you watch this series and see THE BIBLE come to life before your eyes. Also, pray that it's impact will be huge, and that people will be drawn to the message of hope that we have through Jesus Christ.

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