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The Big Bang Theory and Evangelism

A lot of people in the church look at the Big Bang theory as some sort of a Godless myth. However, we should see it as an opportunity to demonstrate to the people outside the Christian community that the bible is indeed accurate when it speaks about the universe.

As astronomer Dr. Hugh Ross pointed out, the bible was the only text for thousands of years that said we live in a universe with an actual space time beginning, where God was doing things before He created the universe of matter, energy, space and time.

For thousands of years, the bible was the only text that was saying we live in a universe that is continually expanding. Likewise, the bible also made statements that the laws of physics don't change and the universe is dominated by a pervasive law of decay.

Now we have actual measurements that demonstrate what the bible has been stating about the universe for thousands of years is indeed correct and accurate. It actually predicted future scientific discoveries!

Therefore, let's use this as a tool to bring people to Jesus Christ!

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