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The Connection Between Business and Ministry

Jeff Henderson grew up as a pastors son, and after college went to work in business. Grew up in Atlanta and was a big sports fan and his first job was with the Atlanta Braves in the Promotions department in 1988-1989. Through that he learned a lot about marketing and advertising and from there worked for some attractions in Atlanta and moved on to promotions with Chick-fil-A for 6 years. He did their sports marketing and beverage marketing division. He spent many years in the business world and loved it.

However he was drawn to Northpoint Community Church and they were in the process of launching their first multi-sight location (their first franchise). People knew he had been in the franchise business and he was asked to help launch this first "Franchise". He didn't realize what that would lead to. He never thought he would be doing this. That was 13 years ago. He has helped launch 2 churches since then and have seen God do some remarkable things.

There are business proponents in running a church. It has been helpful to understand business and marketing. To understand also the needs of people and the need to respond to the spiritual desire people have in their lives. There are differences in what he did in business and ministry but it is still leadership and people are people. Principles are transferrable, values are transferrable. There are similarities in how you treat people, how you cast vision, how you maintain mission, and strategy, and values.

Communication is key to the success you can have in both business and ministry. The better you prepare the better you present or preach. Nobody teaches us how to prepare.

He shares about developing topics to talk about. He has a team that talks about the topics they will bring forth. That way you can get feedback before you bring a message forward.

He likes to finish off his message with "SO WHAT?"

What does he want people to do with the words he just communicated?

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