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The Heart of Leadership - Vice President for Organizational Effectiveness of Chick-Fil-A Mark Miller

Mark Miller is one of the Vice Presidents for Chick-Fil-A. Every year he has the opportunity to equip and encourage leaders. His journey started 15 years ago at Chick-Fil-A when they had a leadership crisis. They needed more leaders faster and they didn't have anyone ready to take that role. He was given the job to solve that problem, but how do you accelerate leadership development? He discovered early on in the process that they did not have a common definition of leadership. There are over 6000 published definitions of leaders but there are a lot of unintended negative consequences if people within an organization have different definitions. They decided as a company that they needed to define their mindset of what a leader was. They went through many processes to develop this definition and they came to a conclusion on their point of view on leadership and it ended up being very different than the traditional view.

The have the concept that, "great leaders serve". They want to make leadership both behavioral and contextually relevant in their organization and to them that means that great leaders serve. What does that look like? What do leaders do?

They discovered 5 practices that all leaders have in common.

S: See the Future

E: Engage and Develop Others

R: Re-invent Continuously

V: Value Results and Relationships

E: Embody the Values

Mark talks about the "V" - valuing results and relationships. It is challenging for most people as everyone is born with a natural bias. God made you with results orientated or relationship oriented. To deal with this leaders need to acknowledge their bias - you are wired the way you are wired. Then you need to compensate for your bias. If you for instance are more results oriented the only compensation you may need is to put people around you who are more relational or vice versa. Tremendous power when we can embrace both.

Resources Available: "The Heart of Leadership" & "The Secret: What Great Leaders Know and Do."

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