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The Light Shines Through Darkness/ FRANCESCA LALAIKPIANOI

Francesca Lalaikpianoi was born with spina bifida, in Samburu, a remote region in Kenya. She was going to be poisoned by her father and grandmother due to the shame, as people would think their village is cursed and going to have bad luck because of her. But God had a plan.

Francesca was born in a village where there was no hope, every child born with a disability has been killed. Her father and grandmother were going to poison Francesca without her mother's knowledge. Once her mother found out Francesca was going to be poisoned, she took her child and ran away from the village.

As a child with spina bifida, Francesca had to walk a long distance to school which was difficult for her, as walking was not easy due to the pressures in her legs. When she was a teenager, Francesca was wanting to take her own life as she felt there was no hope for her.

In 1997 Francesca connected with Dr. Dick Bransford the founding surgeon of Bethany Kids. Bethany Kids has fifteen mobile clinics reaching people in remote places. 3000 people have come to Christ in the last three years through the Disciples Program. It is here where Francesca not only found an explanation for what was happening in her body, as well as receiving health and hope. Most importantly, Francesca found Jesus and gave her life to him through Bethany Kids.

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