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The Nightmare of Opiate Overdose

"I would say the very first supplier that Aaron had for prescription drugs was a father who helped out in the coaching time in high school."

Aaron Rubin would use multiple different types of pills. 

He finally came to them admitting that he has a drug issue, that he need help.

One fatal day, his friend's mom found him on the couch, blue in the face and was not responsive. She punched him on the chest, and took ice to throw on him. At this point, Aaron was not breathing. Both his friend and his friend's dad dragged him to the car and took him to the hospital. The doctors were confused as to why Aaron was lifeless. That was when Aaron's dad realised and yelled out, "It's drugs, it's drugs, it's drugs!"

Aaron has suffered a heart attack and 2 strokes (front and back) on both sides of his brain.

That's what opiates do. 

Help us help our youths.

Call 1800-265-3100 now to help us get this documentary out to all the high schools in North America. 

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