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The Pirate and the Firefly

The Pirate and the Firefly is a wonderful children's book that teaches children the importance of doing the right thing, even when it can be hard. Oliver loves to pretend that is he a pirate, but he doesn't love feeling like he has to be a pirate who has to follow the crowd and do the wrong thing.

Oliver learns about wisdom, through his special friend Phineas who happens to be a firefly.

This book also includes great parent connect ideas. Here are a few things that you can make to go along with the story.

A Treasure Map

Make up a fun map for your children, and have it lead to a special treasure. Along the way, have the clues describe some great virtues from the Bible. At the end, along with a treasure, you children can also do something kind for someone else.

Firefly Lanterns

Phineas reminds us in the story to do what is right. You can make some firefly lanterns as a reminder to shine bright for God. Take some large apple juice cans, clean them out and take the labels off. Drill some holes all around the can and then paint them with a fun colour. Put a tea light or a battery operated light inside and use them for campouts, fun family nights or even in your children's rooms. The light will remind your family to let their light shine, just like Phineas.

Foam Swords

In Ephesians, the Bible is referred to as the "Sword of the Spirit." Make some fun swords for your children to use as they pretend to be Oliver the pirate. Get a pool noodle and cut the length to make the handles of the sword and then cut them to fit together. Use some fun duct tape to attach, and your sword is ready!

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